About SMD Wynne

SMD WYNNE CORPORATION is a specialty medical device distributor and sales organization.  We supply both expendable, specialized medical devices as well as capital medical equipment. We work out of our dedicated Plain City facility northwest of Columbus, Ohio, and we stock many but not all of our products here.

Special focus areas of our business include Endoscopy, Neonatal Care, and GYN Imaging.  We work to help our healthcare customers control their costs and treat their patients efficiently.  Our customers include hospitals, outpatient surgery and endoscopy facilities, physicians and health departments. Rick Noeth and Terry Wynne service customers in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania. You can call our Columbus, Ohio office at 800-324-6090 and our friendly staff can assist you with your needs    8 am-5 pm M-F EST. Note we are restricted in regards to where geographically we can sell some products by agreement with our manufacturers.

SMD WYNNE is not a manufacturer.  We either distribute a manufacturer’s products, or serve as manufacturer's representative, for select manufacturers of Specialty Medical Devices. For additional information please email us at sales@smdwynne.com. SMD WYNNE is owned and operated by Terry and Jenifer Wynne.  Our support of our manufacturer partners is intended to benefit our physician, nurse, hospital, and outpatient facility customers, as well as their patients. SMD WYNNE delivers innovative, efficient, medical technology while respecting the needs of our clinician customers and providing them a high level of service.